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Diversified Enclosures and Screen offers an attached roof system which adds on to an existing roof on a home and can be used for covering decks or patios. The roof systems are available in 3, 4, 6, and 8 inch thicknesses. With an 8 inch roof system, there can be up to 29 feet of clear span by an infinite width which allows maximum viewing from decks or porches. The roof system has a slope of half an inch per foot drop which keeps the height reduction minimal. Built-in structural framing and solid polystyrene foam centers keep the roof systems sturdy and causes a minimal weight bearing impact on the existing structure. The interior and exterior skins are made of aluminum so they will never rust; and they have a powder coated baked finish that is incredibly durable and long lasting. The interior skin has a light texture without rough edges making it easy to keep clean. The exterior skin is white in color therefore reflects the sun; and this combined with the polystyrene core and solid powder coated aluminum structural framing helps to keep damaging sun, heat, and hail away from the home, deck, and patio furniture. Points of attachment for the roof system are to the eve and under the eve of an existing roof line. The roof system has an available fan beam which allows an electrician to add a ceiling fan or light fixture; and it allows the wiring to be concealed within the roof, giving the fan or lighting a solid structural mounting location and a clean finished appearance. Built-in commercial gutters and matching downspouts allow the water to properly drain to prevent water erosion of the soil caused by run-off. The roof system comes in 2 and 4 foot snap together panels and is available in white, bronze, sandstone, and adobe/clay.

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