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Diversified Enclosures and Screen offers a motorized screening option for areas in which a traditional screen room is not desired for every occasion. Some openings lend themselves well to this product since it allows the screen to descend at the touch of a button for cooler, bug-free entertainment space yet can be opened for times when an unscreened space is desired or required. Home patios, covered pool areas, large windows, garage openings, carports, even restaurants and commercial applications stand to benefit from the ability to selectively screen or close in a variety of openings. Motorized screens offer shading properties which help to reduce fading of furniture, lessen heat from the sun, and potentially contribute to lower electricity bills. The motorized screens come in a variety of materials including typical screen, fabric and vinyl. The motorized screen comes in an assortment of colors and thicknesses. The fabric which is made by Sunbrella® is durable and has nearly unlimited choices of colors and patterns. The transparent vinyl options are clear or tinted panels surrounded by a fabric border for seasonal expansion purposes. Single, large spans up to 16 feet high and 25 feet wide can make use of the motorized screens, though larger openings require multiple units which can be controlled by optional 4 and 16 channel remotes. The standard remote is a single, weather-proof, hand-held unit. Other options to fit specific requests include, in-wall, keychain, 4 channel, and 16 channel digital remotes. Efficient high torque electric motors allow opening and closing at the touch of a button, and the combination of zipper tracks down the sides with a weighted bottom bar provide smooth operation. Wind speed and sun sensors provide additional operation without the homeowner’s presence, allowing the systems to be programmed to lower or raise the motorized screen at an owner determined preset for certain weather conditions.

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