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Diversified Enclosures & Screen installed a Bronze frame Screen Room on Cape Hatteras Light in Loudon, Tennessee (see pictured above and below).  The Screen Room is an "open view" room with a frame at 10 ft. high, which separates the 18.5 gable end.  This room has no push bar on the door, or a chair rail.  The screen type the homeowner chose is the Super Screen.  The Super Screen is one of the most popular due to strength and durability.  

Sunroom pictured below 


Diversifed Enclosures & Screen installed a powder coated white frame Sunroom (the ceiling, floor and furnishings are provided by the Homeowner, Diverisifed Enclosures does the Sunroom structure/ footprint to be completed) on Lighthouse Boulevard in Loudon, TN.  We replaced the existing Screen room with this Sunspace 4 Track Memory Vinyl Window System. This Sunroom is approximately 10.5 ft. x 22.5 ft.  The Homeowner chose to include 2 Cabana Doors which also have the 4 Track Memory Vinyl Windows.  Once Diverisifed Enclosures has constructed the framing structure (Phase 1), the order is placed for the windows and will be shipped from our vendor.  Once windows arrive we have a day set aside for the completion of the installation of the windows (with screen behind the windows) and doors.  Phase 1 is a one day process and Phase 2 is a one day process with a wait time in between the two phases.  Call us today at 865-453-6780 to begin your renovation process ! 


Diversified Enclosures installed a Roof and Screen Room in Bronze framing on the upper deck at the outside wall facing the lake.  The foam insulated roof has a 1/2" slope per foot and comes with gutters and downspouts.  The ceiling is also white to reflect light.  This Roof and Screen Room was added to an existing home on Kiowa Way in Loudon, TN.   The installation/framing was on top of homeowner existing wood railing.  The screen is applied to the inside of the wooden hand rail wall.  The side facing the open deck has no railing to provide a wide open view.  The door has no push bar and also optimizes a wide open view.  All Screens are installed in the flat spline system which hold over 500 pounds of pressure.  We provide a "lifetime blowout" warranty for screens not to push out, under normal wear and tear.  This warranty would not cover cuts, tears, damage by animals or insects or acts of nature. Screen Rooms are typically installed in ONE DAY !  If you are in the market for a screen room call Diversified Enclosures & Screen to schedule a FREE estimate.  We are located in Sevierville, Tennessee and do installations all around the East Tennessee area within a 2 hour distance from our office/ showroom.  Call us at 865-453-6780.  



Diversified Enclosures & Screen installed a Sunroom on Shirecliffe Lane in Farragut, TN.  The Homeowner chose the Bronze powder coated aluminum framing.  We are giving a view of the inside and outside(see photos above, furnishings,flooring and ceiling provided by the Homeowner).  The approximate size of this room is 12 x 22, with a 9 ft. window walls and 4 ft. fixed vinyl on the gable front wall. The custom Sunroom was completed in mid February of 2021 and this fortunate family is ready for Spring, Summer & Fall Seasons with our Four-Track Memory Vinyl Window System.  This system provides panels with screen behind them and can be opened to the equivalent of one panel. When the windows are opened this will give the Homeowners a nice breeze and bring the outside airflow in (approximate 75% airflow per window).  They are able to enjoy a beautiful view and anticipate a relaxing evening or entertaining  family and friends.  We are a phone call away and our estimates are FREE ! Call us soon at 865-453-6780, to schedule an appointment, we will a representative to meet with you.  We have a complete sample sunroom in our showroom at 110 Flat Creek Road in Sevierville, TN.  Call or check our website for available business hours.  

SunroomDecorating YOUR Outdoor Space

SunroomDiversified Enclosures (Sunroom)

What are your "go to" / trusted sources to help decorate your favorite spaces?  Do you  get inspiration from magazines, HGTV, Interior Designer, your Mom, sister, best friend or all the above ?  Most times you choose an inspiration theme, ie: the beach, the mountains, farmhouse theme, etc.  You can begin by choosing a basic color scheme and build on that.  With Diversified Enclosures & Screen we can provide a basic footprint (a custom Sunroom or Screen Room) and your imagination can turn the dream into reality.  Do you remember the days our outdoor entertaining area consisted of a backyard grill and a picnic table ?  Over the last few years styles are changing and evolving into enclosed outdoor rooms with furniture designed for these spaces.  I remember when the outdoor front porch or veranda had a metal "setee/glider".  Yes, I am dating myself with age.  Wow, what fond memories at my grandmothers house.  Through the years design evolved to wooden rocking chairs, first just wood, then painted rockers, then wicker furniture groups, glass top tables with an umbrella.  NOW envision your space to entertain with a Screen Enclosure OR custom Sunroom by Diversified Enclosures & Screen.  We prepare the footprint (constructing a Room) and YOU can bring your visions and dreams to reality with a NEW Sunroom that can protect you, family and friends from wind, rain, pollen, etc.  This newly created space will be just what you and your loved ones need for a relaxing, entertaining haven for you home (especially during the Pandemic era).  Go ahead, what are you waiting for ?  Call Diversified Enclosures & Screen today for a FREE estimate.  Contact us at 865-453-6780 to schedule an appointment to meet with a Representative.  We do installations in East Tennessee up to two hours from our office/showroom location in Sevierville, TN.  We would love a visit with you in our Showroom, we will demonstrate the operation, durabilty and choices. The office/showroom is open Monday-Thursday 9AM to 5PM, Friday hours: 9AM -1PM. Typically the Screen Rooms, Hand Rails, etc. are completed in one day.  The Sunrooms are completed in two phases (typically a 2 day process, with a wait time between the first phase and the second phase).  Check out photos and products for more custom work at 



Diversified Enclosures & Screen installed the custom Screen Room and Hand Rails on the upper level of this new home.  This installation was completed for a contractor on Geya Circle in Loudon, TN.  The Homeowner chose a Dark Bronze Hand Rail and Dark Bronze Framing for their Screen Room, it is a nice contrast to the light color of the siding on their home.  Diversified Enclosures & Screen can help you customize the needs for your home.  Spring is just around the corner, call today to schedule an appointment with a representative.  865-453-6780.  Typically installations can be completed in ONE DAY! FREE Estimates ! 


This is a Sunroom with Memory Vinyl Windows.  You will have the ability to raise 3 panels of windows to the top or lower the windows to the bottom, leaving the equivalent of one vinyl panel and have screen behind it to create an open breeze (essentially a Screen Room).  The Vinyl windows have a 10 millimeter thickness and are the equivalent of single pane glass.  They are extremely durable, provide protection from weather elements, bugs and insects.  Diversified Enclosures & Screen completed this room on a new construction home on Sayne Lane in Knoxville, TN.  Use your imagination, once the room is clean, you have the ability to customize your space with flooring and furniture accessories.  Imagine you and your loved ones gathering for a relaxing evening with dinner outside but protected from wind and rain.  Call us soon at 865-453-6780, we will schedule a representative to meet with you.  FREE Estimates. 

Screen Room and Screen Wall Railingcandcscreenroom1.jpgcandcscreenroom2.jpg

Diversifed Enclosures & Screen installed a Screen Room and Screen Wall Rail on an upper level deck on Chewase Drive in Gatlinburg.  This project was completed for a contractor for a new residence.  The Screen Wall Rail built into the screen provides fall protection and enhances the look.  Diversified Enclosures was able to install this Screen Room with a large open view between wood structural posts (wood structural posts provided by the contractor).  This large open view can also be done with powder coated aluminum structural posts provided by Diversified Enclosures & Screen.  We can help customize your Screen Room, call to schedule an appointment at 865-453-6780.  


Diversified Enclosures & Screen recently installed a Sunroom on Amma Lane in Maryville, TN. (see above photos for inside/ outside view).  This homeowner chose the White frame to coordinate with the white siding and white trim on the home.  Diversified Enclosures & Screen can help you customize an indoor entertaining area for your home, we are a phone call away.  Call 865-453-6780 today to schedule an appointment to meet with a Representative.  

sunroominstalled11/24 Sunroom

Diversified Enclosures & Screen recently installed this Sunroom near the Crossville, Tennessee area on Hickory Ridge Lane.  We are located in Sevierville, we can install and service areas up to two hours from our Office/Showroom.  Choices for colors/framing in Sunrooms are: Black, Bronze, White, Clay and Sandstone.  This homeowner chose the Bronze frame for their Sunroom creating a contemporary contrast with the exterior paint on the home.  Call us for your custom sunroom needs at 865-453-6780.  

Captivating NEW Screen RoomCaptivating NEW Screen Room

Diversified Enclosures & Screen recently installed this Screen Room including the Screen Wall Rail for fall protection at Lanyard Way in Lenoir City, TN.  This was installed for a Contractor and the Homeowner will be ready to take possession of this lovely home including an outdoor fireplace, custom floor and ceiling.  Diversified Enclosures & Screen put the finishing touches to the enclosure with a Screen Room to complete this captivating outdoor area providing an entertainment area for many years to come ! All you need to add is furniture, family and friends, and of course food.  It's party time !


3 or 4 Season Sunroom3 or 4 Season Sunroom 

 Diversified Enclosures & Screen added a 3 or 4 Season Sunroom to East Wescott Overlook in Oak Ridge, TN.  This was an addition under the existing roof on a previously constructed home.  This new addition will provide extra space featuring our Four Track Memory Vinyl Windows System.  What makes this a 3 or 4 season sunroom ?  Depending on the season and the ability for a homeowner to add a mini split HVAC unit, the room can be used as anything from an informal living room to a den or dining room at the rear of the home.  The Vinyl Windows keep out rain, wind, pollen, etc and can be opened to 3 out of 4 panels at the top OR bottom.  When in the open position this creates an open air flow room which operates as a screen room if the homeowner chooses. Call us today to schedule an appointment for such a quote on a space we can help you create for your home !  Call 865-453-6780.  We have such a room on display in our Showroom in Sevierville and we can demonstrate this operation to you, come see us soon!  The Showroom is located at 110 Flat Creek Road in Sevierville, TN.  


New Outdoor Entertaining Space


A great new outdoor entertaining space has been added to this new construction home on Third Drive in Maryville, TN. This is a sizable new area added to the home to give bug/ insect free outdoor area to have guests and family spend relaxing evenings and weekends ! This Screen Room area was added in between structural posts to give a custom look. Can you imagine some free time in the lovely space? Call Diversified Enclosures & Screen today at 865-453-6780. We can schedule a free estimate to have your new custom space added soon!

"Open View" Screen Room


Diversified Enclosures & Screen installed an "Open View" Screen Room for this Homeowner using their existing railing. This home located on Golf Club Drive in Sevierville, TN has a new custom Screen Room designed to give them an unobstructed view onto the golf course behind them. The Homeowner will be able to make use of this great entertaining space with a bug/ insect free environment ! Diversified Enclosures & Screen can do this for you, call soon at 865-453-6780 to schedule your appointment for designing your custom outdoor space.

3 Season Sunroom

Diversified Enclosures & Screen Installed a 3 Season Sunroom on Valley View Drive in Lenoir City, TN. This new addition gives the Homeowner added living / entertaining space to their existing home. Screen is attached behind the Memory Vinyl Windows, the windows can be raised and give open air flow / breezes when the wind is blowing, yet protected from bugs and insects. Your space can be created like this and used for additional dining space or casual living space. Call us at 865-453-6780 to meet with a Representative at your home, they can help with choices for color of aluminum available and provide a free estimate.

Screen Room

The sun is gleaming into this newly constructed Screen Room by Diversified Enclosures & Screen. The new Screen Room was added to a home on Waterside Drive in Ten Mile, TN. The Homeowner is ready to add furnishings and begin entertaining in this new space customized just for them ! We can schedule a time for you to meet with our Representative, he will get measurements of your area and have plans ready for your installation ! You will be able to select door styles and color choices for the powder coated aluminum. The Aluminum is virtually maintenance free and a Screen Room in most sizes can be added in just one day ! You will be ready for Spring and Summer in just a few easy steps. We can also customize Hand Railing for a Screen Room to meet code requirements for fall protection. The photo attached shows the railing installed into the lower portion of the Screen Room for a safety feature. Contact Diversified Enclosures & Screen at 865-453-6780 or their website

Screen Room

Diversified Enclosures & Screen just completed an installation for a new Screen Room on Red Oak Drive in Crossville, TN. We can add a new outdoor entertaining space for your home. We can do an installation in just a day in most cases. We can create a new space for your existing home and we work in all the East Tennessee area. This new Screen Room is a great size, dimensions are 14' x 13' x 14' and 8' Tall and will give you room to entertain with a living area and a dining area. If you are interested, call 865-453-6780,  we are scheduling several appointments daily and currenty booked two weeks in advance.  

New Home Enhanced

We have enhanced the appeal and safety of a new home located on Gallery Court in Knoxville, TN. This home is located in the premier Wind River community, a prestigious location offering lakefront and golf community. We have customized the Hand Rails and Stair Rails with an attractive Screen Wall railing built into the Screen Room. The new Homeowner is ready to entertain in the wonderful outdoor space customized for them. We can help you get ready for years of enjoyment, call 865-453-6780 to schedule an appointment with Diversified Enclosures & Screen.

Screen Room & Stainless Steel Cable Railing

WOW! What a view from this custom Screen Room and Deck at Nocks Road in Gatlinburg, TN. We just installed custom Stainless Steel Cable Rail and a Screen Room for this new home. Are you building a new home? Are you wanting to update your entertaining space with new innovation to enhance your outdoor space ? We have just what you are looking for. This would be great in any outdoor area, near the woods, near the lake, near the mountains, right in your own backyard! Call Diversified Enclosures & Screen at 865-453-6780 today and we can help make your dreams come true.


Picture your family in this newly constructed Sunroom we just completed on Boulder Crest Lane in Sevierville, TN. Imagine yourself outdoors, yet indoors if it is raining, cold or windy. Your new Sunroom can be added to expand your outdoor living area in just a short time. It is as easy as a phone call away to schedule an appointment for a quote. Call 865-453-6780 today and we can meet your hearts desire to add a Sunroom to your new or existing home.

Screen Room

Imagine yourself in this outdoor space! We just completed a new Screen Room for a Homeowner On Stratton Drive in Knoxville, TN. They will have many years of enjoyment in their new entertaining Space with virtually maintenance free framing and screen. Say goodbye to bugs when you want to be outdoors. We can schedule a Screen Room to be installed for you, we are just a phone call away at 865-453-6780.

Custom Hand Railing

Are you in the market for protection from falls ? We can help with customized Hand Rails. Your new home or existing home can be updated with custom Hand Railing protection and meet code compliance. Please call 865-453-6780 to schedule an appointment for a Free Estimate. We just completed an Installation for Bronze Hand Rails on Goldcrest Drive in Vonore, TN. Diversified Enclosures & Screen can install new customized railing on your home in the East Tennessee area.

Bronze Aluminum Hand Railing and Stair Railing

We completed an installation for custom Bronze Aluminum Hand Railing and Stair Railing at a home on Gogeyi trail in Vonore, TN. This custom project was completed for the Homeowner, call us at 865-453-6780 to schedule your appointment today ! We can meet your specific needs for custom projects on Screen Rooms, Sunrooms, Hand Rails and Stair Rails including Stainless Steel cable railing.  

Sunroom Addition

Diversified Enclosures & Screen added a 3 / 4 Season Sunroom to a home on Old Red Lane in Sevierville, TN.  Our Sunrooms have Memory Vinyl Windows which are equivalent to single pane glass.  The sunrooms can be heated or cooled (add a mini-split HVAC or a portable unit provided by another Vendor).  The memory vinyl windows can also be raised or lowered for an open breeze, you are still protected by Screen.  Bring the outdoors in !  Make time to relax and enjoy a new addition for your home.  Such sunrooms can be used for additional dining or living spaces, not to mention as a hobby/ craft room or a workout room.  We have even installed such rooms just for the fur babies to have a space all their own (sounds a bit spoiled doesn't it ?)  Well, our fur babies ARE family !! We have a variety of colors that can matched to your home, colors available are (White, Bronze, Clay, Sandstone or even black is an option with an upcharge). 

New Sunroom

A new Sunroom has been added to a home on Granada Drive in Lenoir City, TN. If you want to expand your outdoor living area and be protected from wind, rain and bugs; we have the solution for you in a pleasing color option that appears custom designed just for your home. Please take a moment to view the photo of this sunroom, yours can be blended into your existing home as if it were always there. Call us today at 865-453-6780 and find out how a new sunroom can become a part of your home to expand your entertaining space.

Enhance Your Outdoor Space

A lovely Sandstone color of aluminum was used on a new Screen Room located at Dragonfly Way in Strawberry Plains. This custom color will blend in and enhance the appeal to any new or existing home. We want to help you gain the new outdoor area you have dreamed of for so long. You will be the envy of neighbors, guests and family. Call 865-453-6780 to schedule an appointment for a FREE estimate. Imagine yourself outdoors without bugs, wind or rain to spoil your fun! Let's go for it!

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