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I Love it !  The Team that did the installation were wonderful.  They were so patient and answered all my questions.  

Joyce Tucci


Had our deck roof system installed yesterday. It is fantastic! It looks great and is very strong. We saw two installers on top of the roof and it didn't budge. Dan and his crew were great. They went the extra mile to fit the gutter into the existing system. We are very happy with our deck roof. We enjoyed working with everyone at Diversified. From our first visit to the showroom until the finish installation it was a great experience.

Bob and Karen Tofte


The crew that was sent to screen in our porch was amazing! They did an awesome job and were very nice young men. The porch looks great and they cleaned up so well when they were done that I didn't need to do anything but sit down and enjoy it!

Sharon Fraker    _________________________________________________________________

Thank you for your professional work.  I will certainly recommend your company whenever I have an opportunity.  By the way, your installation staff was excellent and the results exceeded my expectations. 

Joseph H. Childress, DDS, MS

Thank you !  I love my screened Gazebo !  Great job !

Tanya Avery

Thank you so much !!  We just love our new porch !!

Jessica Abraham 


Fantastic job!  Just wanted to let you know, Dan and his Team did an excellent job installing the screen structure around our terrace /porch.  We appreciate their professionalism and attention to detail.  Thanks again for the great job !

Mike Lolley

We just had the Sunspace system installed on our porch and are thrilled!!! We are so happy that we don't have a railing as it opens up our beautiful view. Everyone at your company was a pleasure to deal with. We have recommended you to our builder, our friends, and I put a recommendation on our Nextdoor Neighbor website. I know we will enjoy our room for many years to come! 

Merry McMahon

We had a screen enclosure installed on our porch. The installation was performed by Dan, Eric & Brian. From the time they arrived at about 9AM until they left at 10:30PM (yes 13 ½ hours ) later they were extremely professional, stopped only about 20 minutes for lunch, worked in the rain and finished the job in one day. This was a difficult job because of the angles on our porch but they were able to figure out how to do it and it looks wonderful.

Today it is harder to find people who take pride in what they are doing. I was impressed from the moment they arrived. We wanted you to know because it is important that employer's know when they have "keepers". How lucky you are to have these 3 men representing your company.

Thanks so much.

Pam & Randy Horner

We are very pleased with the gentleman who came to our home to do the Installation, they were very courteous and professional. They did an excellent job, and cleaned up the area also. We LOVE our new Screened Porch!

Bob Gray
Thank you. Your crew did an absolutely perfect job. We're extremely happy with our new screens. Great experience all around.

I wanted to let you know that they guys did a super job, my wife and myself are extremely impressed with the gentlemen that did the job.  The knew what they were doing and once finished, it looked like they were never there.  They did a great job cleaning the area.  
Thank You !  Mr. & Mrs. Jackson

"We are very pleased with the Workmanship, the guys didn't take time away before getting the job completed and they did a very good job ! They exceeded our expectations!


 Thanks !  Hi Stacy and Mike, Well, our porch is finished and we are just overjoyed with the end product. We wanted to keep the screened porch feel and this window system really does that for us. Now we don't have to move furniture when it rains. We are looking forward to cooler days when we can use it in the colder months. We have enjoyed working with all of you and the guys doing the actual work were great. Good workmanship and we are very pleased with the final product. If you need a reference or someone wants to call feel free to give them our number. Bill and Margaret Donaldson

Regina Clark

 Diversified Enclosures & Screen All I can say is WOW! And OMG! When I first came to you to get an estimate to replace some blown out screens on my covered porches, I never envisioned what I have now. Although I’ve always enjoyed my screened porches, I’ve never been able to enjoy them through as much of the year as I have this year. And replacing the old wooden rails with the 18” kick plate on the bottom portion of the screens opened our view of the lake up much more. Don’t have to look through those annoying rails anymore. But what I love best of all so far is that I can put all my plants that I pull in from outdoors every winter out on my back porch (which we now call our greenhouse!). And because that porch has a southern exposure, with the vinyl windows installed, the temperatures on sunny days can now get into the 60’s and even 70 degrees, even when the temperatures outdoors only get into the 30’s during the day. Without adding any additional heat. Another fantastic benefit that we have reaped from putting the vinyl windows in, is a reduced heating bill. The passive solar benefit is tremendous for our home. The wind is blocked from coming into the house through the windows, doors and the corners where the logs come together (we have a log home) better than anything else we have done (ie., caulking and weather stripping). The house walls inside the enclosed porch also hold the heat through the night from the sunny day so that the heat pump doesn’t run as much overnight. So far the lowest that the temperature has gotten to on the porch is in the 40’s overnight (even on the more extreme cold days). We haven’t felt the effects of the tremendous winds we’ve had recently and the below freezing temperatures because of the new screens and vinyl windows. Because our house is on the highest part of the property, the winds can whip around the house ferociously. Even on an otherwise nice day it wouldn’t be enjoyable on the screened porch if we were having extremely high winds. That has changed with the addition of the vinyl window system! I mentioned the plants - they are doing better out there this winter than they EVER did in the winter in the house. They would become pale and sickly every winter in the house, recover wonderfully outside in the summer, only to have a setback again in the house the following winter. I always said they looked anemic after the winter in the house! But that won’t be a problem anymore. The plants are doing GREAT out there! They are actually GROWING this winter and most of them are very green, too. It’s just amazing. They aren’t drying out on the porch either like they do in the house from the heat. We also have a half whiskey barrel fish pond on that porch with 6 beautiful fan tailed goldfish in it. Every winter during the very cold spells, their water would get very cold, and on occasion has also frozen over pretty well. The fish survived without any problems, but I did always worry about them. Well…..those goldfish are living in paradise now! With the temperatures rising into the 60’s on the porch on sunny days now (no matter how low the outdoor temperature is), there’s no danger of freezing water in their pond. They are much more active this winter, enjoying the warmer water. And I am not worrying about them anymore. My husband and I just LOVE the fact that we can enjoy sitting in our hammock swing chairs on the porch, even in these cold winter months and enjoy the sounds of the water in the pond as well as all the birds singing around us, coming to the feeders outside! We would always look forward to the spring when the weather warmed up enough so that we could eat out on our screened porch and sit in those swing chairs enjoying the fresh air and the gorgeous view we have. Well, now we can do that even in the winter. When Mike showed us those vinyl windows I wasn’t really all that impressed (didn‘t like the idea of plastic windows), but I definitely was curious about it. We went home after talking for a very long time with Mike at the shop, and we thought about all the options you had to offer and we discussed how we could possibly improve the use of the screened in porch. But we were convinced that it would be so costly that we couldn’t afford it anyway. So, with that thought in our minds, we had Michael come out to do an estimate for us to just replace screens and leave the porch otherwise as it was, railings and all, and then an estimate for taking out the railings and replacing the screens with your system and then adding the vinyl windows. We were both amazed that the price wasn’t NEARLY as high as we were thinking it would be. In fact, although it wasn’t cheap, it was definitely affordable and made sense in light of the fact that we thought we MIGHT be able to use the porch in the winter, too! It has turned out WAY better than we ever anticipated. So much so that we are now getting ready to do the front porch and perhaps down the road even changing our huge upper deck into an enclosed system similar to what we have with our porch now. All of this will definitely increase the value of the house, and the lines of the house look much neater with this system than with the screens and railings that we had. The benefits of our improved porch go on and on. Unlike with glass windows, we can slide up the vinyl windows in the summer and we have our screened porch with a much expanded view of the lake and can enjoy the breezes like we always have. And those vinyl windows that I didn’t think I would like look so much like glass, anyone who we show them too don’t believe they are vinyl! We have to push on the vinyl with our fist to prove it!! We have had indoor/outdoor carpet on that porch for several years now and it would get very wet during rain storms when the wind was blowing the rain in. Another great benefit of the vinyl windows, our carpet hasn’t gotten wet anymore! And the furniture doesn’t get wet anymore either, so we actually could put a few nicer pieces on the porch, too. We have it set up not only as a greenhouse, but a “family room” of sorts. Gave me a whole new room to decorate! (which every woman knows is an excellent excuse to go shopping LOL). I can go on and on, but I won’t. What I will say in summation, is what I have said every single time this winter that we’ve sat out there enjoying the porch no matter the weather: I AM SO VERY THRILLED THAT WE DECIDED TO DO THIS AND I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE FRONT PORCH TO BE DONE! THIS IS THE BEST INVESTMENT I THINK WE’VE MADE IN THE HOUSE SINCE IT WAS BUILT 9 YEARS AGO! Thank you Mike and Stacy! Sincerely, Regina Clark and Jim Rogers Dandridge, TN (on beautiful Douglas Lake) P.S. I have been showing it to all our friends and neighbors when they come to our house and HIGHLY recommend it to them, all the while singing your praises! Regina

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